Fabric Resources Management System (FRMS) for Apparel Industry

The fashion industry is characterised by short life cycles, fast production, and impulse purchasing. The emerging trend of ‘fast fashion’ places significant pressure on many firms to deliver a larger amount of new fashion products to the market. Indeed, in each season, new product development (NPD) teams, comprising of designers, merchandisers and buyers, have to design hundreds of new products to satisfy the market. Among all materials, fabric is the most essential component of a fashion design. NPD team members usually face two main problems that greatly affect the efficiency and quality of choosing the right fabric samples: ineffective data management, and lack of knowledge support.

Fabric Resources Management System (FRMS) integrates technologies of multi-dimensional database management system (MDBMS) and case-based reasoning (CBR) to develop an intelligent fabric selection solution that will enhance the efficiency of NPD, particularly in searching and selecting fabrics.


  • Front End Data Warehouse Module: It stores all data regarding NPD and facilitates the capturing and transmission of fabric sample date respectively.
  • Back End Fabric Enquiry and Recommendation Module: It establishes a knowledge creation support framework to solve the fabric selection problem. This module is developed by one of the CBR methods, namely, the nearest neighbour technique.

Technological Breakthrough

  • Support fashion designers and clothing merchandisers to work out the best fabrication for new collections in the most cost-effective way.
  • Manage a huge set of useful fabric records systematically during the fabric selection process.
  • Speed up the fabric evaluation process with relevant fabric knowledge provided and experience of similar successful cases in the past.

Industry Benefit

The FRMS is generic in nature and can be widely used by firms of various kinds. It is anticipated that the solution can fulfill industry needs and strengthen a firm’s competency in NPD and, eventually, contribute to the overall productivity and competitiveness of the Hong Kong fashion and textiles industry.

Licensing Details

A non-exclusive licence covers:

  • The knowhow including the patent filing document for the development of an industrial scale FRMS software system which is applicable for woven and knitted companies to support fabric selection, evaluation and supplier sourcing;
  • A user guide to support system installation and application.

The research deliverable is now open for licensing. For more details, please contact us. (Email: info@hkrita.com ; Tel: (852) 2627 0180)