HKRITA Achieves Breakthrough Results in International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

At the 42nd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva held on 2-6 April 2014, HKRITA got an excellent result by winning three gold medals and one silver medal.

The first gold winning project is Intelligent Impact Protectors Based on 3D Auxetic Fabrics...

Social Benefits of Technology Development

Technological advancements have had a substantial influence on each and every sector of society. In 2013, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel introduced to the public "Better Quality Community Care of the Elderly". This is a security alert system specially designed for elderly centres which take care of people with dementia. This joint effort by HKRITA, ASTRI and LSCM is now implemented in two elderly centres of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals... 
Australian Visit: A Rewarding Exchange Experience

Apart from cotton and linen, it is believed that wool is the next most popular natural fibre in the fashion industry. World wool production totals approximately 2.8 billion pounds per year. Australia is the leading wool producer with about a 25 percent market share, with New Zealand second and China third. In addition, China consumes 60 percent of the world's wool production....
Functional Elastic Tapes for Rehabilitation

Most of the medical adhesive sheets available in the market are designed to provide a very light and thin film to cover the wound. The adhesive strength of sheets may not be sufficient for forming a solid interface between the tapes and skin. Medical adhesives with high tackiness are difficult to be removed and result in pain and damage to skin. The ideal tapes will be reusable for several months and can be cleaned daily with water...

The following new research projects have recently been approved with around HK$ 24 million in funding support:

New Materials and Textiles and Apparel Products

Conversion of Food Waste into Polylactic acid Fibre

Manufacturing Technology of Green Textiles with High Added Value

Development of Anti-bacterial Textile Materials by Biostatic Approach with Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) for Healthcare Use
Advanced Textiles and Clothing Production Technologies

High Performance Hong Kong Bespoke Men's Suiting for an Updated Urban Professional Application

Development of an Innovative Spinning System for Chitosan Yarn

Develop a Hybrid 3D Printing Technology for Bra Cup Industry to Enable Quick Response Manufacturing
Innovative Design and Evaluation Technologies

The Third-Phase Research and Development of Imaging Colour Measurement (ICM) System for Textile Garment Industry

Two new projects are now ready for industry application:

Activity-based Carbon Footprint Modelling of the Manufacturing Processes of Intimate Apparel Products is able to calculate the carbon emission during different manufacturing processes of the intimate apparel industry in order to identify carbon reduction opportunities. Clothing Industry Training Authority has been authorised to offer training programmes of the model to the industry, providing software installation service and consultancy services to solve operation problems.

High Performance Sportswear and Devices (Phase II) provides knowhow to design and develop high performance sports-bra and functional clothing to improve metabolic syndrome.

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  Sustainable Solutions for Textiles Manufacturing
20 Mar 2014 
The seminar introduced several sustainable solutions for the textiles industry. Dr K C Ho, Director, Research and Development, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel gave an account of a dyeing technology which uses waterless supercritical carbon dioxide...
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