2014 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2015

HKRITA achieved a number of major breakthroughs in 2014 and has made significant plan in 2015.

Breakthrough Achievements

HKRITA worked with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to design high performance rowing suits for the Hong Kong Rowing Team...

The US Visit: an Exchange on R&D

According to the figures from the US government, its textile industry employs more than 230,000 workers, representing 2 percent of the US manufacturing workforce. The industry is technologically advanced with investments upward of $1.2 billion annually in total capital expenditures. US based companies have been looking for solutions for effective production and cost control, while also investing in niche products and markets....
An Intelligent Condition-based Key Machinery Assets Maintenance Management Platform for the Textile Industry

Unexpected breakdown due to machine failure in the textile manufacturing plant is costly. Therefore asset maintenance management is key to improving business profits and production planning. The "Intelligent Condition-based Key Machinery Assets Maintenance Management Platform" detects anomalies, reports potential problems, takes remedial measures for optimising manufacturing and maintenance schedules, and, ultimately, improves total business performance...

The following new research projects have recently been approved with around HK$ 5.9 million in funding support:

New Materials and Textiles and Apparel Products

Smart Fetal Monitoring Belt

Trial: Wearable Electronics for Better Quality Community Care of the Elderly (Phase II)

Trial: Fabrication of Durable Surface-Cooling Fabrics by Binder-Free Finishing Technology
Enhanced Industrial Systems and Infrastructure

SimFactory - A Computerised Coaching System for Sewing Line Management (Phase II)

  InnoCarnival 2014
1 - 9 Nov 2014 
InnoCarnival is one of the important platforms for the public in Hong Kong to update their knowledge on technologies and innovation. The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel has made use of this opportunity to promote our work and technology applications since our inception...
17 - 19 Dec 2014
1-6 Dec 2014
4 - 6 Dec 2014
4 - 5 Dec 2014
16 - 21 Nov 2014
29 Oct - 1 Nov 2014
25 - 27 Sep 2014

Five new projects are now ready for industry application:

An Intelligent Condition-based Key Machinery Assets Maintenance Management is able to detect anomalies, report potential problems, take remedial measures for optimising manufacturing and machine maintenance schedules, and, ultimately, improve total production performance.

A Knowledge-based 3D Shoe Design, Patterning and Mass Customization System is a software plug-in for 3D-shoe-design which covers everything from vamp building and design to making 2D paper patterns for production.

Industry-scale Plasma Treatment System is a dry process to minimise pilling on wool and cashmere knitwear by generating ionised gas plasma to interact with the garment surface.

Intelligent Monitoring System for Physiological and Mechanical Signals in Weightlifting Sports is a real-time and dynamic system that measures the perimeter changes of user muscles during the training process, and wirelessly transmits data to personal computers or smart phones for analysis.

Disposable and Degradable Synthetic Fibres is developed by chelating dual/multiple metal ions masterbatch technology and applies to the production of disposable health care products or degradable nonwoven materials.

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27 - 28 Jan 2015 27/1/2015: Hong Kong Science Park
28/1/2015: ShenZhen Science Technology Park, Nanshan, ShenZhen, China
28 - 31 Jan 2015 China National Convention Center, Beijing, China
17 Mar 2015 Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
15 - 21 Mar 2015 United Kingdom
24 - 25 Mar 2015 Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong
26 - 29 Mar 2015 GD Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
19 Mar 2014 - 30 Sep 2015 -
12 - 19 Nov 2015 Fiera Milano Rho, Milan, Italy

Charles and Amy

Welcome on Board

Two research staff members joined HKRITA.

Ms Amy Wang, Research Associate, got her BSc degree in Chemistry from the Xiamen University and MPhil degree in Textile technology from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Having five years of solid research experience in chemistry and materials science in textile processing at the Institute of Textile and Clothing at the PolyU, she is excited to take up the new technical challenge and enjoys the positive working environment. "HKRITA inspires me to do the best in the field of textile research. Colleagues here are motivated, experienced and friendly. I hope my experience can contribute to our achievements in HKRITA," she says.

Mr Charles Cheng, Research Assistant, is a Masters graduate in chemistry. Having previously studied in the UK and worked in academia he can easily adapt to new environments and has well developed research experience and skills. He is pleased to put his chemical knowledge into practice at the industry level and says "I am now working on a project related to solvent assisted dyeing which fits my interests well. Working with experienced minds here will be greatly beneficial."

Techno-Xchange welcomes HKRITA members to contribute articles on latest technology developments in their companies. If your company would like to publish any new technology development or innovation, please email us the write-up with focus on the technology development, its application and benefits to the industry. For details, please click here.

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