Cellulosic Superabsorbent Polymer (C-SAP) for fertilizer production

Based on the development result in ITP/086/17TP, this project develops a cellulosic SAP originated from cotton waste in response to the climate change that led to fall short in cotton yield. The prepared cellulosic SAP has huge absorbency and liquid-retaining to maintain high soil moisture under drought conditions.

In this project, we aim to develop a pilot scale system for larger amount production of SAP with capacity ≥ 1 kg / day. The objectives of this project include:

1. Research and select the type of crosslinking equipment for the pilot scale system and establish the system

2. Produce cellulosic SAP using the pilot scale system

3. Explore the feasibility of introducing fertilizer (NPK – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) into the cellulosic SAP, which will result in a bi-functional SAP in that both water and fertilizer can be released to soil under drought conditions

4. Explore the possibility of broader application of the technology to other cellulosic waste (e.g. linen waste) as the raw material of the cellulosic SAP, apart from cotton waste that had been studied in ITP/086/17TP

5. Investigate the economics for demonstrating the feasibility of production

6. Provide samples to potential industrial user(s) for evaluation

Project Name (ITF)
Development of a Pilot Scale System for the Production of (Fertilizer-containing) Cellulosic Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP)
Project Number (ITF)