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The Hong Kong-Sweden Recycling Connection: a Repurpose Journey from Old Clothes to New

The first retail model of the G2G system, “Looop”, was launched in one of H&M’s stores (Drottninggatan 56) in Stockholm, Sweden on 12th October.

“Looop” is the first garment-to-garment recycling system shown in store by a fashion retailer. Similar to the G2G system in Hong Kong, “Looop” is a container-size production line to recycle post-consumer garments into clean and wearable clothes. Customers can bring their old clothes which will then be broken down into fibres and yarns to become the raw material for new, knitted clothes. Customers can watch the whole process in real time in the store. The end-to-end process uses no water and no chemicals, thus having a low environmental impact. For details, please click here.

Mr Edwin Keh, Chief Executive Officer of HKRITA, is excited to collaborate with our Swedish partners to bring our research project to life. He says, “Sustainability is a key part of our centre’s work and purpose. We hope systems like the G2G will inspire even more creative solutions to our environmental challenges. By providing new life to our old clothes we can demonstrate that it is possible to use less resources and repurpose what we have. It is hoped that G2G will help retailers “do well and do good” at the same time.”

The original G2G system is an Innovation and Technology Fund project, sponsored by Novetex Textiles Limited and in collaboration with H&M Foundation. Fostering sustainability through the circular economy, the system has received different awards, including a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, a gold medal in both the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva and in the Asia International Innovative Invention Award of 2019 and Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards of 2019 (Retail Environments category).

Sustainability is a key topic in the fashion industry. We need to take bold and swift action to reduce the consumption of raw materials and resources along the supplied chain. HKRITA is actively researching various forms of “Garment to Garment” recycling and repurposing. The original G2G project is currently in its second phase. In this second phase we are improving the system capacity, optimising its functionality, and automating its various processes.

When you travel to Stockholm next time, don’t miss the opportunity to visit “Looop”!

“Looop”, the first retail model of the G2G Recycle System, is installed at H&M in Stockholm Customers can bring their own garments to “Looop” in the store and see for themselves the whole recycle process of the old clothes turning into new ones HKRITA is improving the system capacity, optimising its functionality, and automating its various processes