Anti-Sprain Device for Sport Shoes


The anti-sprain device can protect people from ankle sprain during sports and walking. Target user groups would be the elite, professional or recreational athletes in all kind of sports. The anti-sprain device is suitable for any specific sports purpose, subject to the process to fine-tune the setting.

Technological Breakthrough

Most of the ankle protective apparel available now is by limiting ankle range of motion which may influence sport performance. The anti-sprain device is different from other protective apparel in that the device allows full range of motion during normal movement, but only provides protection when needed. When sprain risk is identified, the corrective system produces a resistive torque to prevent excessive inversion motion.

Licensing Details

A non-exclusive licence covers:

  • The design and fabrication technology of an anti-sprain device
  • A technical operation manual of the anti-sprain device

Key Features

  • The threshold to activate corrective system and the stimulation level can be adjusted to fit different purposes/persons. For example, a soccer player would prefer a larger ankle joint motion range as to perform the ball dribbling and shooting task. Therefore, a higher threshold would be adjusted for soccer players. A long-distance runner may not need any ankle inversion motion, and therefore a lower threshold would be beneficial to them.
  • Provide protection without limiting the range of motion

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