Public Sector Trial Scheme (PSTS)

The aim of Public Sector Trial Scheme (PSTS) is to facilitate and promote the realisation and commercialisation of R&D results developed from platform or partnership research projects. It is confined to the production of tools / prototypes / samples and the conducting of trials in the public sector which includes government bureaux and departments, public bodies (e.g. Hospital Authority and Airport Authority), non-profit-making trade associations and charitable organisations. As a general rule, funding support not exceeding the actual cost of the original R&D project can be provided for such purpose.

Platform Research Program

The aim of the Platform Research Program is to enhance the technical capability, competitiveness and productivity of the whole textiles and clothing industry by encouraging industrialists to improve their technological level and introduce innovative ideas to their businesses through conducting R&D projects. Support from at least one industry sponsors who should make a cash or in-kind contribution of at least 10% of the total project cost is required.

Partnership Research Program (PRP)

The aim of the Partnership Research Program is to support the local enterprises of the textiles and clothing industry by enhancing their technological level and solving their technical problems through conducting R&D projects which focus on their specific needs. The industry co-applicant must collaborate with a local public research institute and contribute no less than 50% of the total project cost in cash or in-kind.

Seed Research Program

The aims of the Seed Research Program are (1) to facilitate innovative and exploratory research as foundations for developing future applied R&D projects, and (2) to undertake preliminary studies on overlooked or new textile and apparel research areas currently not covered by other institutes. The maximum funding support is $2.8 million and the duration of the project should normally not exceed 18 months. Industry sponsorship requirement is not mandatory but is still encouraged as an indication of the potential market needs and interest.

Contract Research Program

The aim of Contract Research Program is to conduct consultancy and research services with private companies on a specific topic on a full cost recovery basis.