Applications should be classified under one of the following technology focus areas:

  • New Materials and Textiles and Apparel Products;
  • Advanced Textiles and Clothing Production Technologies;
  • Innovative Design and Evaluation Technologies; and
  • Enhanced Industrial Systems and Infrastructure.

In assessing your application, due weight will be given to the following components:

  • Innovation and Technology Component;
  • Technical Capacity;
  • Financial Considerations;
  • Existence of a Holistic Plan to Realisation / Commercialisation;
  • Relevance with Government Policies or in overall Interest of the Community;
  • IP Rights and Benefit Sharing; and
  • Management Capacity

The Board of Directors of HKRITA will decide the funding priority to be given to projects which come up with new research ideas; have high technical merit with deliverables which have potential for commercialisation; and have experienced key research personnel.

HKRITA will entertain application for the year.

Before submission, please read through "Guide to R&D Project Applications", and the paper "Creation of a Favourable Ecological Environment to Facilitate the Realisation of Research and Development Results" endorsed by the Commerce and Industry Panel of the Legislative Council in November 2010 (ref. LC paper no. CB(1) 389/10-11(05))

For more information, you can visit the website of Innovation and Technology Commission – Innovation and Technology Fund.

Flow Chart of Project Vetting in General

Proposal Submission
Application Assessment
Project Vetting
Funding Approval