Invitation to Submit Research Project Proposals

We would like to invite you to work with us to design and execute research projects.

What are we looking for

HKRITA has 4 technological focus areas. These include:

  1. New materials;
  2. New production technologies;
  3. New testing technologies; and
  4. Industry and enterprise enhancements and solutions.

Under these areas of focus, our industry has these current interests:

  1. Sustainability – these include recyclability / renewability / zero or low environmental impact;
  2. Competitive advantages for HK industries; and
  3. Advances and advantages for HK society.

Research Programme and Opportunities

There are two major research programs with HKRITA: 

  1. Platform Research Programme – applications are open to universities, institutions, trade and industry associations. This requires support from at least one industry sponsor who contributes more than 10% of the total project cost. As a general observation, it is noted that the more the contribution, the stronger the industry has demonstrated its interest in the project and hence the greater potential for commercialization. Therefore, a project with a larger number of sponsors or higher level of industry sponsorship will be considered more favourably in the process of vetting. 
  2. Partnership Research Programme – applications are open to private companies incorporated in Hong Kong and wish to collaborate with HKRITA or a local public-funded research institute (e.g. a local university, institutions, trade and industry associations). This requires 51% of the total project cost in cash or a combination of cash and in-kind contribution from the sponsoring company. 

Sponsors of research projects, apart from the benefits of the projects, will also enjoy:

  1. 40% cash rebate on their cash and in-kind sponsorship for both Platform and Partnership Research Projects.
  2. For Partnership Research Projects, the ownership of the foreground IP will be granted to the industry partners.
  3. For Platform Research Projects, the sponsors will enjoy discounts on the license fees of the project deliverables.
  4. Free HKRITA membership.

Current priority is given to projects that have the following features:

  1. They solve practical problems and issues faced by our industry;
  2. They have high technical merits with deliverables which have potential for commercialisation; and 
  3. They involve experienced and highly rated key research personnel.   

In assessing potential projects, we’re looking for new innovation and technology, plans for commercialisation, alignment with government policy, interests to our community and the opportunities for new IP.

If you have an idea or questions, please come to talk to us. We can be reached by email at

Thank you.

Dr Ray Cheung

Director, Research and Development

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