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Innovation Session, "From Source to Shopper"
HSBC Water Programme for Industrial Water Management
Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics
Eco Expo Asia
ITMA 2015
Business of IP Asia Forum
Inno Design Tech Expo 2015
Diploma in 3D Printing Technology, Application, Trend and Business Model
APAC Innovation Summit 2015
Commercialisation Highlights
RFID-based Apparel Management Expert (RAME) System for Operator Task Allocation and Production Line Balancing integrating with the real time production data captured by existing RFID system, adopts artificial intelligence techniques to generate effective and efficient solutions for operator task allocation and production line balancing of apparel manufacturers.
Fabric Touch Tester is an innovative measurement device newly presented by The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, developed by Prof Li Yi and his research team with members including Dr Hu Junyan, Mr Liao Xiao, Mr Li Quanhai, Mr Wu Xinwing and Ms Zhang Sujian of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Functional Elastic Tapes for Rehabilitation is a re-peelable adhesive elastic tape containing an elastic polymer micro-fabricated with the biomimetic nano- or micro- surface pattern. The pattern is inspired by insect’s attachment mechanism which can achieve a good adhesion to the substrate and a clear foot removal without too much effort.
Nu Torque™ Cotton Yarn Production Technology, one of the HKRITA’s successfully commercialised projects, was awarded Shandong Science and Technology Award (First Class) by the Shandong Provincial Government in November 2012.
Smart Multi-adhesive-carrying-rollers Lamination System for Intimate Apparel Industry provides cost-effective solutions for high-end intimate product market. It is able to overcome numerous lamination problems by controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, substrates and adhesives properties, lamination speed and tension during the production process.
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