2020 Green Innovations Awards

2016 Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards - Silver Award

Awarded Project: Green Textiles with High Added Value

The Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards aims to encourage organisations to develop innovative, green and practicable ideas into equipment or systems to solve environmental problems or improve environmental performance, resulting in real benefits to the environment.

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This project aims to extend the applications of bio-based and eco-friendly polymers and fibres to "green" textiles, which is based on polymer blending materials, texturing filament yarns, textile and dyeing processes, as well as 3D printing technology of multi-materials.

This project includes three parts:

  1. Development of new spinning, knitting, dyeing, and finishing processes and fashion style design to manufacture a series of silk-like, light-thin and top-grade "green" knitting.
  2. To research and develop bio-based medical compression stockings which are light, thin and smart for treating varicose vein;
  3. Based on the novel 3D printing technology, to develop the fabrication technique of degradable biomaterials with complex-shaped, porous and pseudo-textile structures.