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Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Bronze Award

Awarded Project: Asymmetric Fencing Shoes

The Asia Exhibition of Innovations and Inventions Hong Kong is an annual exhibition cum competition exclusively devoted to innovations and inventions from Asia.

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Asymmetric design of fencing shoes to match the biomechanical requirements of fencing. Cushions/insert and asymmetric fencing shoes will be designed and developed according to biomechanical characteristics of fencing. Sufficient cushioning will be developed, and ergonomic design will be applied to develop the asymmetric footwear. That will enhance comfort and reduce risk of injury of athletes. Materials with good abrasion resistance and mechanical properties such as TPU and PEBA will be tested and evaluated. The properties and performance of the footwear will be evaluated by testing physical properties and conducting in-vivo wear trial, elite athletes will be recruited as subjects.

Fencing is with unique biomechanical features on foot. It gives great pressure (7 times body weight) to heel comparing with other sports. Lunge leg and support leg have difference movements and pressure distribution. This requires different design of shoe for lunge and support leg. The asymmetric design of fencing shoes will support HK elite fencing athletes for 2016 Olympics and benefit footwear industry products development.