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Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Bronze Award

Related Projects: High-performance Sportswear (Rowing Suit)
Responding to the requests from industry, this project aims to design and develop high-performance sportswear and devices (High Performance Sportswear and Devices for short) that are identified to have good market potential by industrial sponsors/partners. This is an applied research project with focus on product design innovations and scalable technology innovations on the basis of the extensive research in textile bioengineering and a number of patented inventions from the research team. Tangible deliverables include: (1) three series of novel high-performance sportswear and/or devices will be invented, including winter running wear, summer running wear and cycling wear; (2) technical know-how on how to design and fabricate the knitted fabrics/garments; (3) scalable technologies on how to finish the fabrics/devices to achieve desirable functional performances; (4) scientific evaluation and quality control methods on the functional properties of the fabrics/devices; (5) computer simulations and digital visualizations of their functional performances and (6) human physiological and psychological sensory evaluations and illustrations of their functional performances.