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Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Silver Award

Related Projects: Imaging Colour Measurement (ICM) System
In a previous project funded by the ITF, the second-phase imaging colour measurement (ICM-II) system will be completed in October 2013. The ICM-II system has completed the upgrade and optimization of optical and imaging system from the prototype ICM-I system. Currently, the ICM-II systems are tested in four major textile companies for production trial. The proposed third-phase project (ICM-III) is mainly aimed at developing a next level of spectral colour measurement system and achieving a further improved precision, accurate and repeatable colour measurement of varieties of fabrics with complex colour and pattern combinations, while offering an objective colour assessment in the colour supply chain between retailers, suppliers and buyers. With the fully integrated the optical system, compact and modular hardware arrangement, and optimized software design based on the second-phase ICM system, the ICM-III system will be a fully commercialized and industry-leading colour measurement and management system.