FITMI Asia International Innovative Invention Award 2019 Gold

2019 Asia International Innovative Invention Award - Gold Award

Awarded Project: Post-consumer Blended Textile Separation and Recycling by Hydrothermal Treatment

The Asia International Innovative Invention Award recognise the innovative achievements of enterprises, R&D teams, or individuals in their patented inventions.

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This project aims to conduct the feasibility studies of polyester and cellulose recycling by hydrothermal treatment and dissolution treatment on cotton and polyester blends. The parameter will then be optimized to improve the recycling yield and recycling efficiency. In addition, the feasibility of re-spin the polyester residue will also be conducted.

Nowadays, polyester and cotton are the most two demanding fibre types. By 2015, 54.5% of textile is polyester while 28.4% is cotton, textiles waste increase greatly due to high demand on textile products. By 2013, an estimated of 12.4 million tons of textile waste was generated according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Over 55% of it had been ended up in either landfill or low equality products.