Inventions Geneva

47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2019) - Bronze Medal

Related Projects: Non-aqueous Solvent Medium (NASM) Dyeing for Textile
In traditional dyeing process, water acts as a solvent medium to dissolve the dyestuff and bring the dyestuff to the substrate to conduct the dyeing process. Due to the limited water resource issue, more and more researchers are investigating substitute that could replace the water such as supercritical fluid carbon dioxide, different types of organic solvent and etc. However, due to the limitation of existing system and high engineering requirement of the new system, these waterless dyeing technologies cannot be widely adopted by the industry. This project will focus on the development of a two in one non-aqueous solvent medium (NASM) dyeing system. The system would be able to specifically dye the yarn and garment respectively with an innovative design of dyeing vessel mechanism, in order to facilitate a uniform uptake of dye molecule on the substrate.