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47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2019) - Thailand Award for the Best International Invention

Awarded Project: High Efficient Far Infrared (FIR) Functional Textile

The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva is the world’s largest annual event devoted exclusively to inventions and the licensing market. 

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This project is aimed at the development of a high-efficient far-infrared (FIR) functional textiles, proposed as an innovative technology, to achieve higher heat preservation and body well-being benefits at the same time. Compared with traditional far-infrared textiles production, this innovative FIR textile production methodology is more cost-competitive and eco-friendly. Based on the exploration of the influence of spinning parameters to FIR fiber performance, an optic simulation model will be developed to predict the fiber FIR effects, which will facilitate the production plan for eco-friendly FIR fibers. In this optic simulation model and production plan, variables such as fiber brightness, finesse, linear shape, cross-section shape and drawing method, will be adjusted to achieve the most optical result to maximum FIR effects and higher product quality at the same time. As an excellent technological breakthrough, it may fill traditional product gap and form a core for the next generation of FIR textiles in the future. The proposed technology presents a high-technology, value-added and useful textile product to increase the competitive capacity of the Hong Kong textile and fashion industry and business.
Far-infrared textiles with high heat preservation
Far-infrared textiles with high heat preservation