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Special Edition 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days - Silver Award

Awarded Project: A Sustainable Approach of Growing Extra Long Staple (ELS) Cotton: Vertical Hydroponic Cultivation (VHC)

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This project has developed a novel hydroponic method to grow extra-long staple (ELS) cotton with a significantly lower production cost at 1 Euro per pound of cotton while obviating the traditional climatic restrictions on ELS cotton farming. As the water used is recirculated and reused, this new farming method also reduces water consumption and saves around 90% of the water needed in soil-based farming. Additionally, fertiliser use is greatly reduced as nutrition can be directly absorbed through the roots, ensuring the ELS cotton grows in a sustainable way. To utilise space efficiently, this system adopts a vertical farming approach, consisting of a host of devices to control the airflow, water flow, temperature and humidity, as well as a nano-bubble generator to deliver more oxygen and accelerate growth for the ELS cotton.