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48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2023) - Bronze Medal

Awarded Project: Microplastic Degradation using Microbial Consortium

The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva is the world’s largest annual event devoted exclusively to inventions and the licensing market. 

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This project aims to identify and develop a microbial consortium to degrade microplastic. It focuses on the removal of microplastic released from textile waste.

Microplastics, solid polymer with dimensions less than 5 mm, have drawn a great attention on marine health and bioaccumulation effects. Textile manufacturing processes such as laundering was proven as one of the major sources of microplastics releases to oceans, posing a threat to the marine ecosystem. Estimated number of microplastics particles reaches 51 trillion (UNEP, 2017) and 342.2 billion in Hong Kong. Therefore, an efficient and environmental-friendly microplastic removal method for textile waste is needed.