4-in-1 Multi-Functional (Water-, Oil-Repellent, Soil- and Wrinkle-Resistant) Finishing

Traditionally, to produce a multifunctional fabric, many chemicals and complicated treatment steps would be used, sometimes, these different additive chemicals were incompatible and some functions are disappeared or compromised. In this project, we will develop and scale up a “one-bath method” finishing technology to impart water-, oil-repellent, soil-resistant and wrinkle-free (4in1) properties to textile substrates. It is a new technology which introduces “elastic cross-linking” to the Lotus Nano repellent system. This technology can be applied to the textile fabric (or garment) by any known and convenient method, e.g., by dipping, padding, and drying. The resultant treated fabrics will exhibit excellent and durable multi-care properties, reduced strength loss, soft handle, and good permeability.

A dip-pad-cure process is preferable for the application of 4 in 1 multiprotective finishing agent with the following conditions for reference only: one dip and one pad with solution pick-up about 50-60%, then cured at 160℃ for 1.5 min (if lightweight cotton) or 175℃ for 1.5 min (if heavy cotton).

Technological Breakthrough

• Excellent water/oil/soil repellency and wrinkle-free treatment of textiles in one step, simple operation process and lower energy consumption.
• Durable treatment with excellent multi-care properties.
• Provide good wrinkle-recovery functions to the fabrics with ultralow strength-loss.
• Applicable to cellulosic fibers, such as cotton, linen, viscose and their intertextures, the treated fabrics have steady form, very soft handle and good breathability.
• Applicable to white textiles, can maintain the original shade and whiteness.
• A water-based environment friendly system, non-toxic, nonflammable, non-corrosive.

Project Name (ITF)
Conversion of Lab-scale to industrial scale production technology of (4in1) finishing agents and its application system
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