Advanced Textile and Garment Manufacturing Process Technology

The aim of the project is to design, develop and use enabling technologies to support automation in textile and garment manufacturing process and to facilitate the capturing of data. The technology will enable companies to reduce inventory levels, cut waste, improve their own manufacturing processes, and improve business performance across the entire organisation.

The methodology will consist of the following broadly defined steps:
1. Define, develop, and refine the research framework through literature review and site visit
2. Develop a system that makes use of new data capture technologies
3. Operationalize and validate the underlying concepts by piloting an automated textile and garment manufacturing system for a variety of applications including automated product recognition, raw materials management, work-in-process (WIP) management, and inventory management.

The automated manufacturing process allows for better control, monitoring and management of the production process in a manufacturing plant. It will lead to an increase in efficiency, business opportunities, and the variety of services offered by the local textile industry, reinforcing Hong Kong's leadership as a regional hub for the sourcing of garments.

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Advanced Textile and Garment Manufacturing Process Technology
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