Bedding System for Elderly Centre as a Trial

Sleeping Comfort Trial

This project conducts trial of the thermal, tough and biochemical comfort of bedding system in an elderly centre of Helping Hand, a Hong Kong NGO. Based on the technology and R&D outcome from the previous project, including sleep characteristics and physiology requirement of sleep, this project aims to evaluate the bedding textiles.

How does quality sleep benefit our well-being?

Quality sleep relieves fatigue, restores body condition, and allows us to concentrate in our daily activities. Comfortable bedding textiles offer quality sleep and improves well-being. This project serves to offer technology and the know-how of bedding textiles with biomechanical comfort.

Industry Benefit

With validation under real sleeping environment, the outcome of this project supports the bedding manufacturers to produce bedding textiles with high quality and comfort.

Technological Breakthrough

These bedding textiles prototypes are developed using our proprietary system that can guide the design of bedding textiles products, considering the temperature and humidity of the sleeping environment, as well as the need of the elderly in terms of thermal and physiological comfort.

Project Name (ITF)

Bedding System for Elderly Centre as a Trial

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