Trial: Bio-degradable Synthetic Fibres

The original ITF project successfully established formula for degradable polyesters, polystyrene, amides and acrylics. All degradability tests were conducted on plastc film and fibre samples. However, there is no commercial product produced using the degradable masterbatches. In order to verify the degradability of products and collect the feedbacks on the used of degradable products, HKPC will conduct a sample production trial and to evaluate the degradability of products by different methods as well as the users feedback and comments for planning of commercialization. On the other hand, process evaluation on the manufacturing equipment such as melting, extrusion, spinning and nonwoven forming must be conducted for obtaining on site production data for commercialization.
Project Name (ITF)
Trial: Development of Disposable and Degradable Synthetic Fibres for Textile Industry by Chelating Dual/Multiple Metal Ions Masterbatch Technology(ITT/034/14TP)
Project Number (ITF)