Bio-functional Socks

Bio-functional socks for elderly that prevent moisture loss and promote blood circulation
The prototype project aims to develop a new biofunctional sock with antibacterial, skin moisturizing functions and comfortable hand touch for elderly people in St. Jame’s Settlement and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to improve their feet physiological condition such as dry skin and poor low limb circulation.

The developed socks are based on an innovative design which provides improved ergonomic structure and effective functional treatment. The socks are able to:

• buffer moisture in the foot-sock microclimate environment;
• prevent moisture loss; and
• provide sensations of enhanced comfort, softness and smoothness for the wearer.

Industry Benefit

The socks have a good cost-performance ratio since no special facilities are required for mass production. The feedback from the wearer trials in elderly centres showed that the socks function well in terms of moisture prevention.

Technological Breakthrough

The bio-functional material of the socks, which increases air permeability and at the same time reduces water vapor permeability, provides the desired moisturizing performance.

Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Bronze Award
Project Name (ITF)
Trial: Biofunctional Materials and Applications (II)
Project Number (ITF)