Biofunctional Materials and Applications

This project aims to develop scalable technologies for preparing biofunctional materials and application technology in textile and clothing industries.

A range of biofunctional materials that can be applied to textiles and clothing will be developed in three stages by a multidisciplinary team. In the first stage, we will focus on developing nano protein materials (NPM) and applying these materials to develop functional textiles on the basis of a number of technology innovations of how to prepare nano wool/silk functional materials; functional textiles fabrication, treatment and evaluation. In the second stage, we integrate nanotechnology with enzyme technology for developing environmentally-friendly functional finishing technology. In the third stage, we will develop novel biomaterials and textile application technologies for helping local textile and clothing industry to get into high value added biomedical and healthcare markets.

In the first stage, we scale-up the lab-scale nano protein technologies for transfer to industry by delivering:

1. Technology to produce nano wool protein functional materials (NWP);
2. Technology to produce nano silk protein functional materials (NSP);
3. Scalable technology for nano functional finishing with NWP;
4. Scalable technology for nano functional finishing with NSP. 

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Biofunctional Materials and Applications
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