Breathable Lightweight Hip Protectors for Elderly

Lightweight breathable hip protector

This project aims to develop a novel light-weight hip protective device for elderly. The hip protectors are designed based on Asian body size and pelvis shape and developed through 3D-printing at a reasonable cost. These protectors can be attached to pants for impact force attenuation. Through the optimisation of the thickness, surface area and hardness of the pads, the pads achieve greater protective value than current pads. The improved breathability and reduction in weight can also enhance comfort and willingness to wear the pads.

Falls can lead to serious consequences to the elderly, including fractures and other physical frailty. As the hip fracture is the most common fracture site, this project targets to strengthen hip protection to reduce the injuries suffered by the elderly when they fall.


These hip protectors can be attached to pants for protection. Various sizes of hip pads will be developed for elderly of different gender, weight, and height. Trial test in elderly centres will be arranged.

Technological Breakthrough

The hip protectors are designed in lattice, produced with 3D printing using materials with good tensile strength and elongation. Compared to existing protection pads, these hip protectors have higher impact force attenuation but they are lighter in weight, better in air permeability, and durable.

Project Name (ITF)

Breathable Lightweight hip protectors for elderly in nursing homes

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