Cellulosic 3D printing flexible material for apparel

3D Printing Material made of cellulose for fashion

The objective of this project is to develop an FDM 3D printing cellulosic flexible materials which can fulfil physical requirements of apparel. The cellulosic 3D printing materials is light, flexible and sustainable as cellulose are extracted from natural fibers. Cellulosic material is lightweight and can be processed into multiple forms (filament, powder, or paste) to increase the types, flexibility, and complexity of end products that can be printed. Cellulose can enhance the 3D printing process, reinforce the mechanical properties of polymer composites in 3D printing and improve texture of the final apparel products. Besides, recent 3D printed apparel products are hard and rigid which do not meet expectations on apparel fitting. This project will produce soft and flexible apparel products which can increase flexibility of the final products. 3D printing technology fused deposition modelling (FDM) will be adopted because of the relatively low cost and the ease of use of the equipment. Furthermore, cellulose will be extracted from natural and regenerate resources to become a functional filler and mixing with flexible TPE, and thus compounding to the high flexible FDM 3d printing material that fulfill physical requirements of apparel.

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Cellulosic 3D printing flexible material for apparel
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