Advanced Functional Clothing CAD Simulation System I

On the basis of our patented inventions, software copyrights and a range of computer models and computing simulation programs, as well as databases, advanced functional CAD technology will be developed for commercial usage in design of textiles, apparel, medical devices and buildings to achieve desirable thermal and biomechanical and medical functional performances. This is a down-stream applied research with focus on developing new applications, new computer simulating technologies, new computer simulation software for functional design and new informatics technology platform that can be immediately used by Textile and Clothing (TC) companies. A number of tangible and scalable technology innovations will be delivered to benefit TC companies in three stages, including: (1) multilayer garment thermal functional design CAD software technology; (2) multi-style garment functional design CAD software technology; (3) 3D garment thermal functional design CAD software technology. These deliverables are able to create higher value added services and products with unique functions for Pearl River Delta Area textile and garment manufacturers and retailers and to enhance their competitiveness in the market places. In each stage (i.e. one year), we will deliver one software package that is ready for transferring to industry.

User can follow the instructions in a user-friendly interface of the CAD system, inputting the information step by step. The factors include weather and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, wind velocity; human activities such as sitting, running and dancing; human model factors such as sex, age, height and weight; garment features such as fibre and fabric properties. The simulation programme helps garment manufacturers evaluate the combination of fabric functional properties and environmental parameters, in turn design the functional clothing with the best functional features.

Industry Benefit

The virtual design function allows efficient product development with reasonable cost. Users can update the database by themselves to achieve a wider scope and tailor-made application.

The software is also a useful tool for training institutions offering courses on design and product development. Students can make use of the interactive platform to understand better the influence of different factors such as weather, environment and biological elements on clothing design.

Project Name (ITF)
Advanced Clothing Functional Design CAD Technologies
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