Customer-Oriented "Right-First-Time" Product Development Model Of Intimate Apparel

This project designs a product development model of intimate apparel to shorten bra development process.

The main objectives of the project include:

  1. To create a stage-gate system with rationalised processes of bra product development and checklists for risk precaution
  2. To establish the relationship between the stage parameters and the key performance indicators of bra product development.
  3. To develop a structured knowledge database for bra product development.
  4. To develop a multi-media case library for elaborating the use of knowledge at critical stages (gates) of bra product development process.

Design methodology includes:

  1. The stages will be conceptualised in a logical flow with checklists at decision gates to prevent the possible risks, according to criteria-based selected knowledge gained through interviews with practitioners.
  2. Structured equation model will be used to correlate various stage parameters with key performance indicators, based on questionnaire survey and hypothesis tests, while the development of 'case library' is based on real life experience of the researchers and subject experts.

    This lean, rapid and responsive product development system is a response to the keen competition between suppliers and ever-changing requirements from customers, as well as the length development process and low hit-rate of intimate apparels.

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Customer-Oriented "Right-First-Time" Product Development Model Of Intimate Apparel
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