High Precision Intelligent Customisation System for Medical Pressure Garments

This project aims to investigate and develop key enabling technologies for future supply chains of customised intelligent medical pressure clothing (CIMPC) for patients suffering varicose veins. Varicose vein is a common chronic venous disease. Wearing medical pressure socks is an effective way to relieve varicose vein. To produce more precise, accurate, and effective medical pressure socks for patients, this project adopts five key technologies, including

1. A new method and algorithm to quickly extract key parameters from the 3D body scanning data for design of CIMPC.

2. CAD/CIM module with the pressure prediction functions for CIMPC.

3. Customised medical compression stockings (MCSs) and pressure monitoring MCSs including sensors, circuits, data transmission and analysis software.

4. Interface for precise pressure-mapping of compression stockings.

5. A novel multi-dimensional adjustable, soft, and morphing leg mannequin for more accurately simulate human legs of different sizes.


These five technologies can be applied to customise medical pressure socks for patients to relieve varicose vein. Customised medical pressure socks encourage patients to keep wearing for better and more effective treatment.

Industry Benefit

Medical pressure garments manufacturers can make use of the data collected from patients' feet and the intelligent morphing leg mannequin to produce customised medical pressure garments with higher precision.

Technological Breakthrough

1. CAD module for computer-integrated automatic manufacturing: patients' data are processed using a new developed algorithm to provide more accurate dimensions for the medical pressure garments.

2. Intelligent morphing leg mannequin: a soft and adjustable leg mannequin that can mimic 35 sizes of patients' feet, embedded with 22 pressure sensors to achieve high accuracy. The leg mannequin is designed accordingly to German standard RAL-GZ 387/1 of medical compression hoisery.

3. New customised medical pressure socks: the socks were verified by patients in a vascular surgery hospital.

48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2023) - Silver Medal
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Key Technologies of Customized Intelligent Medical Pressure Clothing
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