Trial: Technological Aspects for Designing Warp Knitted Fabrics

Conventional rehabilitation garments such as pelvic holder, restrainer, glove and arm sling, highlights the strength of fabric under stretching while ignoring their comfort properties. In this project, we will collaborate with rehabilitation services centre to develop rehabilitation garments with warp knitted fabrics to replace commonly used woven fabrics.

In the parent project, we already developed a software to input the data of fabric weight (in g/m2) and thickness (in mm). The values of the fabric related to softness and smoothness will be provided. We also developed 10 fabrics and their comfort data can be obtained from the software for comparison.

These 10 fabrics and the related comfort results had been shown to The Providence Garden for Rehab and they were are interested in one of the fabrics with excellent comfort and aesthetic properties. Fabric sample was given to Rehab to make different rehabilitation product prototypes for preliminary trial under the supervision with the centre occupational therapist and physiotherapist. Their feedback was positive: these warp knitted fabrics is a good alternative of woven fabric as they are comfortable and easy to produce. 

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Trial: Technological Aspects for Designing Warp Knitted Fabrics
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