Eco-spraying Method for Denim Textiles

Eco Spray

This project develops an eco-friendly method for spraying on denim textiles in order to minimise the use of harmful chemical. The new spraying system enables the production of different colour depths on denim without using bleaching chemicals, thus prevent the damage to denim fibre and other related environmental pollution.

How does the production of denim cause pollution?

The production of denim has aroused concerns towards its sustainability issues, such as the extensive use of chemical, water and energy. To achieve colour fading on denim, chemical such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, or potassium permanganate (PP) which may pose threat to the environment. The high temperature used in heating also lead to low energy efficiency. To address the environmental issue and to reduce cost in denim production, this project explores the use of eco-friendly spraying method by eliminating the use of harmful chemical. 


The eco-spraying method will be an alternative approach of denim colour fading. The new method includes the application of different washing and fading technologies so that PP spray is not required.

Industry Benefit

This innovation aims to facilitate the denim industry to become more sustainable while meeting their production demand. Without large investment cost, the system is suitable especially for factories that have already equipped with water treatment facilities. 

Project Name (ITF)

Development of Eco-spraying Method for Denim Textiles

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