Trial: Energy-saving Production Technologies for Brassiere Cup

The prototype project aims to fabricate, enhance and install the semi-automatic loading and unloading mechanism (Autoloader) developed in parent project to demonstrate its performance in the automation process of bra cup production under real production setting in order to facilitate the commercialization.

A CAE analysis in heat transfer can identify the effective heating zone of brassiere cup mold and insulation to reduce heat lost. The industry can take reference from the Molding and Lamination Technology Handbook for Lingerie Industry to eliminate and minimise the trial and error in mold design and fabrication.

Industry Benefit

This project helps local brassiere cup manufacturers to develop an energy-saving and environmental-friendly manufacturing process, the process can be standardised and automated. Manufacturers can save material cost and improve the product quality, and finally increase the industry competitiveness.

For major achievements, the development of a standardised mold library and customised CAM system can help manufacturers save around 40% of aluminum material. The semi-automatic loading system can reduce 30% – 50% number of operators.

Technological Breakthrough

The CAD/CAM/CAE and knowledge-based engineering (KBE) technologies help streamline the manufacturing process in order to significantly increase the productivity. Different advantages of different deliverables are found:
• Standardised configuration of mold inserts can facilitate the rapid fabrication of brassiere cup mold and save material cost.
• A molding machine with auto-loader system can reduce the idle time in production of brassiere cups, reduce the human resources and thus increase the productivity.
• Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) for the simulation of heat transfer in brassiere cup molding process can optimise the heat distribution for better product quality and energy saving.
• The handbook which lays down brassiere cup molding guidelines can optimise the efficiency in the brassiere cup mold design and fabrication.

Project Name (ITF)
Trial: Development of an Innovative Manufacturing Solution for Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly Production of Brassiere Cup
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