Fabric Touch Tester (FTT)

Fabric hand properties are extremely important for apparel and textile industry. Many companies in Hong Kong and China reported that they can produce products with similar quality level in color and design, but have great difficulties to produce fabrics with the same quality in hand properties comparing with Italian products, which become a major weakness in the intensive market competitions. In this project, we will address this issue by redesigning and developing a professional prototype instrument (called “Fabric Hand Tester”) to measure fabric hand properties on the basis of our patented invention, which can measure a range of fabric hand properties such as fabric stiffness/softness, fabric roughness/ smoothness, fabric fullness and warmness/coolness to the touch within a few minutes and generate data outputs quickly. Further, we will design and develop user-friendly software to interface the instrument with computer to calculate indexes, assess grades and generate quality control charts automatically. The key research goal of this project is to transform the laboratory prototype apparatus into a professional testing instrument by re-designing the hardware and software with independently owned IP rights.

• Development of new fabrics.
• Fabric evaluation and selection of designing apparel and textiles products.
• Quality control in fabric and garment manufacturing, merchandising and trading.
• Certification of fabric touch comfort performance for apparel and textile products.

Industry Benefit

• Physical testing is able to be based on the neuro-physiological stimulus mechanism of fabric touch feeling.
• The instrument with a unique design and motor principle is able to make measurements of bi-direction testing at the same time.
• Dynamic thermal properties testing by the instrument can bridge the current gap of the machines in the market and ensure comprehensive evaluation of fabrics.
• Testing duration is short and the programme interface is user-friendly.
• A single machine can be used to test the thermal, compression, bending, and surface properties of fabrics.

Technological Breakthrough

A widely accepted rating system developed by the tester can provide scientific measurements which helps eliminate disagreement of subjective argument on fabric touch feelings. It will contribute to the development of a mature industry with objective measurements.

2016 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Grand Award of Equipment and Machinery Design
Project Name (ITF)
Fast Fabric Hand Measurement Technology
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