Fabric Touch Tester (FTT)

Fabric Touch Tester (FTT) measures a range of fabric hand properties including softness, smoothness, fullness and coolness. It provides objective measurement of fabric hand properties that complies the requirement of the latest China textile standard FZ/T 01166-2022 on textile fabric touch determination.

Fabric touch and hand feel refer to the tactile sensations experienced when touching or wearing a particular fabric. It determines the comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of a fabric. FTT stimulates the feeling of touch when human body comes into contact with a piece of fabric. With the development of FTT, the evaluation of fabric can be quantified and more objective, facilitating manufacturers in the selection and development of fabrics and effective communication between manufacturers and their clients.

  • Fabric evaluation and selection of designing apparel and textiles products, including the quality control on existing products and the development of new fabrics.
  • Quality control in fabric and garment manufacturing, merchandising and trading.
  • Certification of fabric touch comfort performance for apparel and textile products.

Industry Benefit
  • FTT can measure around 20 physical properties of fabric, such as the warmth, comfort level, softness and smoothness, using only one machine. Short evaluation duration (as little as 5 minutes) and user-friendly interface.
  • FTT meets the requirement of the new standard (FZ/T 01166-2022 “Textile Fabric Touch Determination and Evaluation Method: Multi-Index Integration Method”) launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. It helps to develop and refine a set of product standards for the industry.
  • FTT has been already launched and used by major apparel retailers and manufacturers.
Technological Breakthrough
  • A new measuring method for fabric hand feel based on the sensing mechanism of the nerve endings on the human skin surface. It simulates the feeling of touch of the human body when coming into contact with a piece of fabric.
  • Incorporated five sensors to measure multiple physical properties of the fabric in both warp and weft direction in one single evaluation. 
2016 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Grand Award of Equipment and Machinery Design
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Fast Fabric Hand Measurement Technology
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