Trial: High Performance Sportswear and Device

High Performance Sportswears For Rowing

Using the research method, criteria, and protocol developed in the parent project 'High Performance Sportswear and Devices,' this PSTS project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of developing different types of garments for different sports. It includes identification of the thermal and biomechanical needs of rowing, high jump, long jump, and sprint, fabric selection, garment manufacturing, and trial wear for performance evaluation throughout the process. The research outcomes of this project and prototypes will be used and evaluated during off-field scenarios, including workout, cooling down, warming up, and etc. Positive feedback of the prototypes in these activities could further expand the potential usages and applications of the parent project techniques.

Based on the success of these evaluation, large scale of prototype products is prepared for large scale of trials to further validate the project deliverables under this trial scheme. Feedback from Hong Kong Sports Institute elite athletes will help provide a benchmark to functional and sportswear fabric/garment manufacturers, improving their product quality and speeding up the dissemination the parent techniques to the industry and commercialisation of the project deliverables.

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Trial: High Performance Sportswear and Device
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