Innovative Far Infrared Functional Textiles (Athletes’ Trial)

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This project develops far infrared (FIR) functional textiles for athletes and studies the effects of the FIR sportwears on enhancing metabolism and endurance capacity when doing exercises. With the support of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and RunOurCity Foundation, this project explores how our proprietary FIR textiles can be applied in sportwears and boost athletes’ performance.

Making thermal protective garments using FIR fibers

FIR fibres have long been used in making thermal protective garments. FIR textiles have a number of benefits: it can promote blood circulation and metabolism, which can also benefit people doing aerobics sports. The FIR textiles used in this trial is developed from our technology for FIR functional textiles, which is a novel, chemical-free, and eco-friendly approach by modifying FIR yarn structure. These FIR textiles have also completed trial with an elderly centre and showed good performance in improving blood oxygen levels, metabolism, and fatigue recovery. 


Far infrared (FIR) textiles transform wearers’ body heat into FIR radiation so as to keep warm. Our FIR functional textiles apply similar mechanism and are applicable in developing sportwear as they have higher FIR emissivity. This can further enhance aerobic capacity and neuromuscular function, promote metabolism, and relieve fatigue for people are doing exercise.  

Industry Benefit

Our development of FIR textiles is a mature technology and lower-cost compared to chemical treatment. Manufacturers can use less raw materials, minimises chemical pollution, and generating 35% cost savings. These FIR functional textiles are ideal to produce sportswear or other healthcare textiles.

Technological Breakthrough

Traditional approach to produce FIR textiles is to add chemicals that keep and release body heat, but there are drawbacks using chemical ceramic powders: it may degrade FIR yarn strength and weaken product durability. Our development of these FIR textiles is innovative and eco-friendly without the use of chemical treatment. It adopts an optical simulation system to change the yarn shapes and boost FIR emissivity, which extends capillaries and promote blood circulation.

Project Name (ITF)

Trial: Innovation of Highly Efficient Far Infrared Functional Textiles

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