Decentralised Intelligent Platform for Made-to-Measure Mass Customisation

Decentralized Fashion Intelligent Platform

This project aims to develop a decentralised intelligent platform for made-to-measure individualised customisation in response to the changing consumer landscape and other post-pandemic challenges faced by the fashion industry, in particular SMEs. Designers, tailors or garment manufacturing SMEs, material suppliers, and consumers will be provided a number of online services supporting them to complete mass customisation orders anytime anywhere around the world.

This project will develop a direct-to-customer (D2C) intelligent service platform which includes remote body measuring technology, intelligent auto-grading and blockchain technology to realize a cost-effective made-to-measure business model for SMEs. The proposed study is focused on:

  1. a web-based intelligent made-to-measure (iMTM) pattern design system and
  2. establishing a decentralised online transaction tracking platform for mass customisation orders using blockchain technology.

The proposed platform can create a new business model of ‘Design by Hong Kong’ where individual designers can reach out to consumers around the world and also source manufacturers and material suppliers for their small order business through a secured and trusty chain at a very low cost. In the long-run, this project helps sustain Hong Kong bespoke tailoring business.

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Decentralized Intelligent Platform for Made-to-Measure Mass Customisation

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