Medical Textiles for Eczema Patients

The objective of this project is to produce 100 sets knitted garment in different styles and sizes as prototypes for child eczema patients of different ages.

Due to the hot and humid weather in Hong Kong, skin diseases, especially eczema are common. Using ointment to cure eczema is the most popular and simplest way. However, it is time consuming to apply for large infected area. Moreover, the medicine is easily absorbed by the cotton-made patient clothing instead of adhering and eventually being absorbed by the skin, especially when the patients scratch their skin or move their body.

To improve the efficiency of the eczema treatment, two objectives are proposed in this project: 1) To design and fabricate ergonomic textiles or/and apparel with soft touch, less irritation to the skin as well as high breathability; 2) To modify the surface of textiles or apparel so as to reduce the absorption of the eczema medicine and to assist in the delivery of eczema medicine to the skin of patients.

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Medical Textiles for Eczema Patients
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