Multi-functional Uniform (advanced thermal function)

In the project "Advanced Clothing Functional Design CAD Technologies (II)"(ITP/030/08TP,Total funding HKD6.07 million), we have successfully developed garment thermal functional design CAD software technology, which has been filed as invention patents in China. Collaborating with Hong Kong Fire Service Department, we will apply systematical scientific approach to design and engineer uniforms for fire service teams to reduce their thermal stresses/strains and risk levels and increase comfort and safety during training and fire fighting by utilizing the advanced thermal functional design CAD technology. In the project, we will optimize the design and develop prototype garments to test in the laboratory and in the field, from which we will establish the technical specification. Meanwhile, through this project, we will develop practical application of the novel clothing functional CAD technology, promote the technology to local textile and clothing industry, support Hong Kong Fire Service Development and develop its commercialization network.

Advanced evaluation systems developed by HKRITA or the research institutes such as Fabric Touch Tester, CAD Simulation System, Walter™ Sweating Manikin and Climatic Chamber were applied to provide accurate data simulating human body’s sensory responses to the fabric or external environment. Addition to the production of uniforms, some projects also lay down a set of technical specification for the departments’ further purchase.

HKRITA once worked with the Correctional Services Department, Fire Services Department, Marine Police and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to develop their uniform with consideration of their unique work environments respectively. In these projects, a series of meticulous tests, analysis and evaluation on functions like tensile strength, waterproof and windproof were conducted to select the most suitable fabric.

Project Name (ITF)
Functional design optimization of Hong Kong Fire Service Uniform
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