Multi-functional Uniform (odour control)

Funded by the ITF, Advanced Functional Surface Treatment Technology for Textile Materials (Ref. ITP/008/07TP) and High Performance Advanced Materials for Textile and Apparel (Ref. GHS/088/04) have been completed in 2009 and 2007 respectively. The projects developed different functional treatments for garments and apparels, improving the protection, safety, hygiene, comfort, easy-care and appearance of the wearers. The proposed project is to further apply the technologies on the development of uniforms for workers of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR Government, who are working in picking corpses. The important functions for these uniforms are odour-control, anti-bacteria, and water-soil-, blood-repellency. The multi-functions will be based on the new technologies previously developed which including nano- or micro-encapsulation odour-control technology, repellent technology, anti-bacterial technology.

Advanced evaluation systems developed by HKRITA or the research institutes such as Fabric Touch Tester, CAD Simulation System, Walter™ Sweating Manikin and Climatic Chamber were applied to provide accurate data simulating human body’s sensory responses to the fabric or external environment. Addition to the production of uniforms, some projects also lay down a set of technical specification for the departments’ further purchase.

HKRITA once worked with the Correctional Services Department, Fire Services Department, Marine Police and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to develop their uniform with consideration of their unique work environments respectively. In these projects, a series of meticulous tests, analysis and evaluation on functions like tensile strength, waterproof and windproof were conducted to select the most suitable fabric.

Project Name (ITF)
Trial: Multi-function Odour-Control Uniform for Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR Government
Project Number (ITF)