O-blanket - Phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice (prototype)

Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and jaundice affect a large percentage of newborn babies, approximately 60% of the 4 million newborns in the United States each year. Severe jaundice can harm the central nervous system.

Phototherapy has been used as an effective therapeutic method and the but traditional phototherapy instrument light box may makes baby dehydrate. Current commercial Biliblanket® phototherapy system is limited by a small area irradiation and lack of flexibility. The nurses have to change the positions of irradiation regularly.

This proposed type of O-blanket for phototherapy on neonatal jaundice is very flexible and provides a whole body irradiation. It deals with the increasing number of neonates in Hong Kong and the heavy workload of healthcare workers.

Developed based on parent project: Small sized fiber sensors (GHP/043/07TP)

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O-blanket - Phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice (prototype)
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