O-blanket - Phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice

O-Blanket Phototherapy Device For Neonatal Jaundice

O-blanket is a soft and air-permeable blanket made of side-emitting polymer optical fibre and yarns which provides whole-body treatment for neonatal jaundice. Compared to existing phototherapy system and products, which is either posing risk of dehydration on baby, or limited by a small area irradiation and lack of flexibility, O-blanket can reduce workload of healthcare workers.

Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and jaundice affect a large percentage of newborn babies, approximately 60% of the 4 million newborns in the United States each year. Severe jaundice can harm the central nervous system. O-blanket, developed based on project “small sized fibre sensors,” is an innovative solution that deals with the increasing number of neonates. 

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O-blanket - Phototherapy device for neonatal jaundice (prototype)
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