Precise Controlling System at Assembly Winder

In this project, a precision weight control system at a winder will be developed together with a sensor device which can be detected the value of yarn count as well as moisture content. All real-time data can be captured then exported into a spreadsheet for product final check.

Conventional control at a winder uses a counter for measuring the drum circumference. Once the total length met the pre-set length, then supply the electricity to cutter to cut the yarn. However, in the real world, the spinning manufacturer sells the yarn in term of weight instead of length. Using the length control is due to none of the winders in the market stop motion is controlled by weight. Finally, it caused that there has non-value-added task repeated measuring each cone then re-winding again and again. The production cost and time wasted approximately 23%. This precise weight control system will greatly meet the needs of spinner in the real world.

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Precise Controlling System at Assembly Winder
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