Trial: Quick Response Quality Management (QRQM)

Quick Response Quality Management Qrqm To Analyse The Pattern And Trend Of Product Defects
This project aims at developing a quick response quality management (QRQM) software system prototype and to support the apparel auditing activities carried out by third-party apparel auditing companies. The system will meet the requirement of third-party audit and will be flexible enough to enable both off-shore and in-shore audits. The trial will be mainly conducted in the testing labs of the Hong Kong Apparel Society's assigned third-party auditing company in Hong Kong and part of the trial will be conducted where the auditors conduct the audits outside Hong Kong.

This platform is highly scalable and applicable to garment manufacturers with one to hundreds of production lines. The quality management audit function is also suitable for the industrial engineering department to conduct workplace quality and safety audit.

Industry Benefit

The platform provides real time quality monitoring and alerts for garment factories. It is particularly suitable for SME garment manufacturers because the setup cost and hardware investment are low (e.g. monthly subscription from IT service provider), and the system is highly customisable for various garment production configurations. The proactive approach of quality management enables the factory to visualise quality problem in real time.

For larger scale garment manufacturers with multiple off-shore locations, this platform can help their headquarters to monitor the quality performance of all production lines in real time. Systematic quality problem can be resolved immediately and the platform avoids any shipment delay.

Technological Breakthrough

By making use of the latest mobile computing, cloud-based computing and telecommunication technologies, this platform provides real-time quality analysis and alert system for quality managers to proactively resolve quality problems. Quality manager can receive email or SMS alerts when systematic quality issues are captured by the QRQM platform. The quality prediction function also helps garment factory forecast potential quality defects, so that they can have a better production planning to minimise quality problem.

The user interface of the apps on the tablet devices is customised for garment factory quality control process. The user-friendly interface (e.g. gesture control for product defects categorisation) enables the front-line quality control staff to digitise product defects records in a few seconds.

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Trial: Quick Response Quality Management (QRQM) Platform for Apparel Supply Chain
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