Reusable Elastic Tape

The three primary objectives of the proposed study are (1) to develop rehabilitation products including tapes that produce contractile forces like muscles and pressure garments for scar treatment by utilizing functional elastic fabrics in combination with lining polymers; (2) to understand functional elastic effect on the performance of pressure garment for scar treatment; and (3) to seek optimal adhesion methods for bonding the garments / tapes to body surface. Tapes will be applied to limb joint stabilization. Its influence on muscle activity around the joint will be assessed by electromyography (EMG) in normal subjects and stabilization of the limb and improvement of quality of life associated with its application will be investigated in post-stroke patients by using questionnaires. Shoulder stabilization by utilizing the functional pressure tapes will be a prophylactic measure to the onset of shoulder pain and subluxation. Application of pressure garments to scars prevents the thickening, buckling, and nodular formations seen in hypertrophic scars. A soft pliable elastic scar develops which allows for normal joint movement. The external pressure applied by the garments decreases inflammatory response and the amount of blood in the scar. The novel design of functional pressure garment will accommodate different surface characteristics of scar.

• External fixation of subluxed joint
• Control range of motion of injured joint
• Partially replacing function of injured muscle
• Progressive correction of deformity of extremities, e.g. clubfeet
• Adhere devices to the skin

Technological Breakthrough

This project solves the technical problem of tapes available in the market, providing an easy peeling, easy to clean patterned viscoelastic tape which is reusable with a micro-nano structures surface. The micro-nano surface structure pattern is set by an array column constituted of a viscoelastic adhesive tape made of an elastic polymer material. The patterned surface has a micro-nano structure formed by cylindrical body with a sticky end.

Project Name (ITF)
Artificial Muscle and Skin for Rehabilitation
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