Trial: Room Light Induced Antibacterial Textile

Hong Kong's hot and humid weather easily leads to bacterial growth. Public places, such as hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes, or health-care centre, although cleaned and disinfected from time to time, the spread of bacteria still cannot be avoided. It is because limited sustainable and broad-spectrum bactericide, obscure places being ignored during cleaning, and the extensive use of antibiotics generates resistant bacteria.

To solve the above problems, two objectives are proposed in this project:
1) To develop and prepare a novel visible light photocatalytic bactericide;
2) To use these developed bactericide to treat textiles (e.g., curtains, wallpapers, etc.), a sustainable and efficient antibacterial function will be achieved under the room light radiation (one of the visible light source), based on its visible photocatalytic disinfection feature.

The objective of this project is to develop room-light induced antibacterial textiles. This antibacterial system will help to provide a more safe and comfortable public area to Hong Kong people.

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Trial: Room Light Induced Antibacterial Textile
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