Trial: Simfactory – A Computerised Coaching System for Sewing Line Management

Simfactory Sewing Factory Production Line Management System

Further to the successful development and commercialization of SimFactory Phase II project (ITP/047/14TP) and in order to speed up the commercialization process and achieve a fast-paced, interactive and engaging coaching system, optimization of the system has to be conducted. This PSTS project aims to:

1. Produce 20 new templates with predefined parameter setting;

2. Demonstrate and validate the practicability of the optimized system through the trial run;
3. Speed up commercialization process: the different templates will expand the users coverage, and let all level of workers (such as Factory Managers, Sewing Supervisors, Industrial Engineers) can use the system in a quicker way.


Following the logical flow of the most common progressive bundle system, frontline personnel will learn how to apply “industrial engineering” techniques and make use of the “what-if” analysis to forecast decisions by means of key performance indicators (KPIs). It helps them to build up sewing line management capability by maximising the production efficiency and optimising the utilisation of manpower and machinery resources.

Besides, this software is not a stand-alone product. A 2-day coaching programme is designed for the frontline management personnel to acquire industrial engineering techniques quickly and build up a professional decision-making capability in a safe and interactive virtual sewing line environment. The programme includes: Basic Knowledge for Running the SimFactory; Process Streamlining Techniques; as well as Performance Analysis and Action.

Industry Benefit

Target users of the industry can enjoy the following benefits by using this system:

• Improving their understanding of sewing line dynamics for better production planning and control.
• Mastering the sewing line information flow for optimisation of manpower and machine resources.
• Enriching their sewing line management knowledge for shortening the learning cycle and reducing associated costs.

Project Name (ITF)
Trial SimFactory - A Computerized Coaching System for Sewing Line Management (Phase II)
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