Smart Fetal Monitoring Belt

This project aims to develop a new fabric product which can detect fetal movement/uterine contraction and monitor change pattern safely and reliably. The originality and innovation of the proposed new fabric monitoring belt is characterised by its unique structure of detection pad with fabric sensor array and power of control card with multiple functions of signal processing to meet the special requirements of being wearable, reliable, non-intrusive, radiation free and washable.

Fetal movement is an important index of fetal well-being. The timely detection of abnormalities in fetal movement or uterine contraction is vital to reduce the incidence of fetal loss, perinatal morbidity and maternal distress. This project offers the market a comprehensive fetal belt that is monitoring, analysis, and easy-to-clean.

44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2016) - Silver Medal
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Smart Fetal Monitoring Belt
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