A Lightweight Fabric-based Breathable Metamaterial for Low Frequency Noise Insulation

Low Frequency Noise Insulation Metamaterial 1
Low Frequency Noise Insulation Metamaterial 2

The purpose of this project is to design and develop a proto-type of sound insulation metamaterial applying the technology of acoustic metamaterial combined with self-developed smart Composite material with energy absorption to enhance the sound insulation effect at low frequency.

The common sound insulation material existing in the market are mainly in the form of porous or fibrous material. It is still bulky for insulating low frequency, which make it unfavorable to equip on wearable product or industrial machine for noise insulation of low frequency.

This project is a response to the rapid growth of environmental noise pollution due to increasing human activities as per the alarm from the World Health Organization (WHO).


The fabric-based soft acoustic metamaterial can be applied to produce sound insulation for various sources of low frequency noise. 

Technological Breakthrough
  • Simple set-up, lightweight, easily adaptable to various sources of noise for broadband frequency absorption.
  • Good air permeability for thermal control and heat dissipation of machines. 

49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2024) - Silver Medal
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Sound Insulation by Soft Acoustic Metamaterial

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