An Innovative Spinning System for Chitosan Yarn

Chitosan Fabric and Yarn Spinning
This project aims to provide a solution for spinning process of chitosan and its blends, which meet antibacterial requirement. The key of this study is the application of static theories on blending technology, and antistatic in chitosan spinning process. Besides, 100% chitosan yarns with sufficient length, strength, evenness and hairiness will be produced, which was never realized before the research. Also, an instruction will be given to manufacturers indicating properties of chitosan yarns with full-range blending ratios, so that they will be able to choose proper blending ratio, balancing performance and cost.

• Hygiene and health care products;
• Textile and apparel products;
• Other potential areas of medical textiles that require a high standard of comfort and convenience.

Industry Benefit

• It solves the problems of roller-winding and as such greatly reduces wastage and production cost, while maintaining mechanical properties.
• The fibre derived from the new spinning system retains all the desirable biodegradable, biocompatible and antibacterial properties, which means it is the ideal fibre to use in areas such as wound healing.
• For manufacturers of medical apparel and health care products, the more reliable production of the yarn represents an opportunity to broaden the scope for new product development.

Technological Breakthrough

By upgrading the traditional spinning roller into a conductive one and optimizing the spinning parameters, this new spinning system not only solved the winding and wastage problem, but also improved the quality of chitosan yarn in terms of yarn strength and consistency.

44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2016) - Gold Medal
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Development of An Innovative Spinning System for Chitosan Yarn
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