A Swelling-controllable Composite Tubular Fabric for Regenerative Agriculture

Agriculture Tubular Fabric

This project aims to develop a swelling-controllable composite tubular fabric with the function of irrigation and weeding for regenerative agriculture. Compared with the traditional agricultural irrigation and weeding methods, this novel tubular fabric has the advantage of high water-saving efficiency, strong terrain adaptability and being more eco-friendly; one-off installation but long-time usage and performance.

The proposed technology combines the swelling effect with a designed weaving process to establish a pore-humidity and self-regulation agricultural irrigation system which can improve water utilisation, enhance cost-competitiveness and develop environmentally-friendly agricultural technology.


The tubular fabric facilitates weeds control, irrigation, and soil monitoring.

Industry Benefit

This invention integrates multifunctional composite fabrics and soil sensors to create a novel and environmentally friendly soil management system. Compared to traditional agricultural soil management methods, this system not only enables scientifically and environmentally friendly agricultural cultivation practices but also enhances environmental sustainability, promoting the development of regenerative agriculture.

Technological Breakthrough
  • Integrated fabrication technology, multiple high-precision soil sensors composite integration technology, and wireless communication technology
  • Highly durable multifunctional composite fabrics are produced using fully biodegradable textile materials through integrated fabrication technology. The fabrics can also degrade into organic matter after use, enhancing soil fertility and protecting the environment.
  • Adjusting material ratios and fabric structures to meet different irrigation and weed control requirements.
  • Multiple high-precision soil sensors, combined with wireless communication technology, enables real-time monitoring of soil temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity, pH, nutrients, and salinity. 
49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2024) - Bronze Medal
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Design-thinking Creation of a Swelling-controllable Composite Tubular Fabric for Regenerative Agriculture

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